Lynn Location

Busy Bee Nursery School Lynn

Busy Bee Nursery School in Lynn is a privately owned nursery school that enrolls children ages 2.9-5yrs old. We have two classrooms in Lynn; Preschool ages 2.9-4yrs old and Transitional Kindergarten ages 4-5yrs old. Busy Bee Nursery School Lynn is located at 39 Severance St, right off Lynnfield Street route 129.


In preschool your child will continue working through their social emotional growth as well as their self help skills. Throughout the school year your child will develop independence, confidence and build friendships. This is a big year for socialization, cognitive skills and language. Your child will enhance their listening and speaking skills, as well as fine and gross motor. Building this strong foundation will set your child up for a successful year and ability to move onto Transitional Kindergarten.

Transitional Kindergarden

Transitional Kindergarten is the year to focus on Kindergarten readiness. Throughout the school year we focus our attention on continuing to build confidence and social emotional skills. We will explore, observe and experiment through learning centers and build skills to move onto independent work blocks.We will begin to understand basic concepts of math, reading and writing. Your child will have the necessary tools to move confidently onto Kindergarten.

Busy Bee Nursery School


Busy Bee is located at 39 Severance St which is off Lynnfield Street route 129. Our main entrance is located on Severance St and our preschool entrance is located on Shoemaker Road.